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Why should I become a Friend of Knighton Park?

By becoming a Friend of Knighton Park you are supporting your local park and ensuring its future success. You will also receive regular newsletters which will keep you updated with all the events throughout the year and the ongoing/future projects.

Having a large membership base increases our opportunities with grant applications and gives us more opinions on which to base any decisions made.

What does being a 'Friend' involve?

Once you are a member there are a number of levels of involvement.

SUPPORT FOR THE PARK - Keeping up your membership gives us the benefits of a large membership base.

CONTRIBUTING - Attend a few events, actively spread the word, attend the AGM, or even help with a few activities.

ACTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER - Use your skills to help drive the Parks' development forward, we are always looking to encourage people with a variety of skills to work with us.

How to join

To join please contact the FoKP membership Secretary, Tony Salmon, on